graphite / charcoal

I attended a series of classes at Glasgow School of Art, and also at The Hogan Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. Life Drawing was really inspiring and I have good memories of both places. I distinctly remember arriving with a thick roll of paper and a bundle of charcoal and the time just flew by. It taught me a great deal about drawing the human form.


I worked with watercolour from an early age and feel it helped me to develop my technique and eye for colour. Some of my later works became very disciplined which became a little rigid and routine so around this time, I branched out into what I felt were more expressive mediums.


I completed a workshop at the Glasgow Print Studio in 2011 where I learned how to make woodcut paper prints. The print process was interesting and carving my designs into the wood blocks very satisfying.




Female Nude II took eighteen months to complete and was finished a matter of days before we boarded a plane to live in Melbourne.

Before we left I took close up shots of the colours and textures of the work, it was the first time I'd used paint sculpturally to depict flesh. I restricted the paint to primary colours - cobalt blue, cadmium red and cadmium yellow.

When I got to Melbourne I put some of these photos together to make a montage. I found a photo of the collection of shots on my laptop and it's brought back so many memories. I was getting to know my new neighbourhood in Melbourne and discovering new art shops to buy paint and canvases. I ended up sending the finished work to my artist friend Marti Jones Dixon.